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Parking and reversing skills driving lessons with Alpha1 driving school

Automatic Drive School parking driving lessons

Reversing skills are considered so important in the driving test because statistics published by the Institute of British Insurers that nearly 19% of all insurance claims come from vehicles being reversed whereas the proportion of driving done in reverse was estimated as 100th of 1%

Why is our reversing done so badly? Basically laziness. Very few people would consider driving forward looking in a small mirror, so why do the vast majority of drivers reverse looking in a small mirror rather than turning around?

Alpha1 Driving School offer driving lessons to anyone wanting to learn how to park, or perform any other reversing manoeuvre, in a safe, systematic way

At Alpha1 Driving School we distil each reversing manoeuvre into a set process with four parts. Once a client can remember what each part is caled, and where it ends, each of the reversing manoeuvres becomes easy

For details of such driving lessons, please contact Alpha1 Driving School; it might make a good birthday present for someone who lacks confidence when performing parallel parking for instance..