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Driving lesson prices

Alpha1 driving school suggests the
quickest (therefore cheapest) way to
test is one or two 2 hour sessions
per week...

Intensive Driving Course Rates

Driving School Special Deals

Alpha1 Driving School Continually monitors the market to ensure that we are competitive

Our Automatic, Advanced, Instructor and Towing lesson rates are the same as Manual driving lessons Basic rates

Our rates are quoted for multiple hours i.e. 1.5 hours plus sessions. Single hour lessons are not cost effective and mean more 'hours to test' which adversly effects our statisitics. We apply a surcharge or £2/hour for single hours:

    Driving lessons green tick bullet Weekday driving lessons - 0900 to 1700 - £30/hour

    Driving lessons green tick bullet Weekday driving lessons - 1700 to 2000 - £35/hour

    Driving lessons green tick bullet Weekend driving lessons - £35/hour

    Driving lessons green tick bullet Bank Holiday driving lessons - £45 per hour

We offer £2/hour reduction for block booking of 10 hours, e.g. £280 for 10 hours daytime midweek times, and are arranged in the same way as normal hourly lessons. See Terms and conditions before booking please

Alpha1 Driving School suggest 2 hour lessons are most cost effective, as we can often get the same work done in one 2 hour session, as 3 one hour lessons...