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Alpha1 driving school gives the greatest value for money

Automatic driving schools value for money

    How it is cheaper to learn to drive with Alpha1 driving school

At Alpha1 driving school we tailor driving lessons to the needs of clients - not ours. We consistently demonstrate the lowest number of hours to successful driving test. We do not waste your money by encouraging you to take driving tests you are unlikely to pass. We will push you at the fastest pace you can manage towards being readiness, for your driving test

Many Driving Instructors hold their clients back to keep them paying for lessons for longer, and will get them to take several driving tests before they have a chance at being successful

    Alpha1 driving school will never do this

At Alpha1 Driving School our average driving lesson hours to successful test is currently (last 12 months): 29.4 hrs , the National Average (last data from DVSA) is 47.1 hrs. At £25/hour, Alpha1 will save you (47-37) x 25 = £250 on average

Alpha1 driving school offer similar starter deals to other driving schools. The first lesson is mostly verbal instruction (Safety and Controls) given in a car park, without the engine running, with little fuel cost; we pass the saving onto you...

Some driving schools operate 45 or 50 minute driving lessons so beware if they quote £/lesson rather than £/hour. This allows them to get from you to their next client by the start of the next hour... At Alpha1 driving schools, a driving lesson is always a full hour, or multiple thereof

Alpha1 Driving School also encourage at least 2 hour driving lessons, which is, by far, more cost effective than single hours: This is because at least 10 minutes should be spent at the start of a driving lesson in the briefing and review. Then it will take some time to warm up before you are getting value from the practice. Another 10 minutes at least, should be spent at the end of each lesson in feedback, marking your progress card and arranging your next driving lesson. This 'down-time' is half for a 2 hour driving lesson than it would be for 2 single hours..

    To ensure you get the best deal with Alpha1 driving school, we will 'price match' any other driving school

The bottom line is Alpha1 driving school will get you to successful test in fewer hours than other driving schools, and because you are much more likely to pass first time, the overall cost with Automatic driving school is lower.

Alpha1 driving School average hours to successful test: 29.4 hrs

National average hours to successful test: 47.1 hrs

Alpha1 Driving School Pass Rate 96.8%

National Pass Rate 45.8%

Alpha1 driving school average driving tests to pass: 1.01

National average driving tests to pass: 3.1