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Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) driving lessons at Automatic driving school

Austism spectrum (ASD) client having passed his driving test, starting in a manual car

    People with autism disorders can try driving lessons

This page is primarily directed in particular towards people on the autistic spectrum, but could equally apply to other individuals with special needs, but have the mental and physical capacity to drive

At Automatic driving school, Orpington, our Senior driving instructor, has been trained in dealing with people with special needs as a police detective
He personally undertake all special needs related training and has helped clients who have been turned away from other driving schools as being unteachable..

We have an excellent record of success teaching driving to clients on the autistic spectrum with a current 100% (15 years to December 2019) pass-rate!
In 2019 alone, we have successfully coached 4 such clients to their driving test..

Pictured to the right is Shammi who took driving lessons in an automatic car in the summer of 2019, passeing his driving test first time, with only 1 minor fault. He is now taking driving lessons in a manual car!

Our prices for teaching people with special needs are the same as all other driving lessons and can be found here

If you are considering whether your son or daughter is able to drive, and could achieve a better level of independence and confidence that obtaining a driving licence could bring, why not ask for an assessment session?
The assessment will be for at least 2 hours and will be 'off-road,' evaluating physical and mental suitability to drive