Orpington Alpha1 Driving school

Alpha1 Driving School Feedback Statistics

Alpha1 Driving School Review Approval rates:

    At Alpha1 Driving School, we are proud of our reputation, and are 'open' about the extent of our achievements or shortcomings. After their practical driving test, each Alpha1 Drive School client is invited to complete a feedback form; the results are as follows:

    [Where 1= Very Poor; 2= Poor; 3= Average; 4= Good; 5=Excellent]

Quality Indicator
Length of driver training :
Were your driving lesson numbers right to give you the best chance success without being excessive?
Quality of cars/training equipment:
Was the driving school car and equipment used to teach adequate and appropriate?
Driving Instructor’s depth of knowledge:
Was your driving instructor’s knowledge level high enough to teach you well?
Appropriateness of attitude and behaviour:
Was your driving instructor courteous, patient and helpful at all times?
Clarity of explanations and teaching:
Were explanations clear, concise and repeated as necessary?
Help dealing with nerves:
Did your driving instructor enhance your confidence and deal with your nerves well?
Preparation for test:
Were you prepared properly for your driving test, mock driving test, full explanations etc?
Value for money:
Do you feel what you spent on driver training represents good value?
Overall satisfaction with training:
What was your overall satisfaction level?
Average approval rate:
    Sample size - 741